Wrongful Termination Lawyer – A Ray of Hope for Unlawfully Terminated Employees

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Do you think that you have lost your job due to some unlawful reasons? Then you can claim for wrongful termination against your employer. However, a wrongful termination case can be complicated and challenging, so, you must get in touch with an experienced wrongful termination lawyer for legal proceedings confidently.

Let us find out how can a Minneapolis wrongful termination lawyer can help you out below –

At-Will Employment
Most of the states in the US have At-Will employment policy where the employer can fire any employee even without any valid reason. Minneapolis, a city within Minnesota State also follows the at-will policy. So if you have been fired from your job without any valid reason in Minneapolis, then it can be difficult for you to sue your employer. However, at-will employees cannot be fired on the basis of unlawful reasons! Usually, employers do not need to give any reason for terminating an at-will employee, but in many cases, they provide a reason, and in such cases, the termination is a termination for cause.

Now let us check out the unlawful reasons for termination below so that you can decide whether you can sue your employer or not.

Several unlawful termination reasons are there for which their employees can sue an employer. The illegal reasons for termination include termination based on discrimination on the basis of race, age, sex, disability, or sexual orientation, retaliation or reprisal by an employer against an employee for making a complaint or report of discrimination, retaliation for whistleblowing, retaliates against an employee for exercising his or her FMLA rights, workers compensation retaliation and in retaliation for questioning, making a complaint regarding, or opposing unlawful pay practices.

In the cases of unlawful terminations, the wrongful termination lawyers in MN consider several facts for analyzing the case and seek proper information to prove that. Whether you have been terminated for cause or no reason, if the termination is unlawful, then an experienced Minneapolis wrongful termination lawyer can help you get justice. However, there are a few common considerations that include the following –

Contract of the employment
In case you were employed under an employment contract, your employer must comply with the provisions of the contract. And if the contract lists the termination reasons, then your employer cannot terminate you for the reason that is not there in the list, and if that happens, then it will be considered as a breach of the employment contract.

Employer policy
In many cases, the policies of an employer provide discipline procedures, and if your employer fails to follow the policies, then it can be considered as a breach of an implied contract.

If your employer has terminated you based on state performance problems, then a wrongful termination lawyer will make sure to learn if the other employees were terminated for the same reason. If not, then the lawyer will look for pieces of evidence that suggest that your employer has fired you on the basis of discrimination which may include your race, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation.

If you have been terminated due to the complaint you made on illegal activity at work, your Minneapolis wrongful termination lawyer can help you with a potential retaliation claim.

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