Things To Look Out For, While Choosing A Wildlife Tour Operator In India

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A wildlife trip sounds thrilling and adventurous, full of unforgettable memories and experience. There are things which can only be known best when experienced personally and not just by reading about it on the web and exploring the rich wildlife of India is one of those things. Till the time you are not in there yourself, you will never know that spending time with nature is blissful, exploring different varieties of species is exciting, knowing about the culture of that particular place is interesting and that just being there leaves you with a happy and a calm feeling. With 551 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 104 National Parks in India, it is important to know about different places before planning a trip.

A memorable wildlife trip depends on how perfectly it is planned and the people who help us planning it are Wildlife Tour Operators in India. Wildlife tour operators can either make your trip special or can make you regret it, so it is very important to choose the best tour operator who keeps all your preferences in mind and ensures to provide you with every small detail. Choosing a wildlife tour operator can be a task, so below are the things that you should keep in mind while choosing the best one for you:

1. Affiliation

 The wildlife tour operators should be affiliated by a general body and should not be promoting unethical activities which may harm the animals like clicking selfies with animals, using animals for a ride, making animals perform for entertainment, etc. The tour operators might pretend to be affiliated and credible but one should do complete background research before choosing the one because non-affiliated operators might cost you more or provide you with wrong information. The operator should be following all the safety requirements.

2. Don’t settle for the first

People often say that the first impression is the last impression and to impress you, wildlife tour operators might tell you things which sound good but does not happen in reality. One should not settle for the first wildlife tour operator they get in touch with. Research about all the tour operators, contact them to know about the packages they are offering, how experienced and professional they are and know their views about wildlife conservation and animal protection. A right wildlife tour operator would be one who takes a keen interest in protecting the wildlife and the environment.

 3. Go for locals

While choosing the appropriate wildlife tour operator, one should take into consideration whether they are providing local tour guides or not. A local tour guide will know the place best and can also talk in their local language so as to connect with different people out there. Choosing a local guide will be better than choosing an inexperienced person as local guides just know all the tricks and techniques when the situation gets difficult and they are like walk-and-talk Wikipedia. Wildlife viewing in India is mesmerizing and a right guide will ensure that the entire flow of tour is informative and keeps everyone together.

4. A proper itinerary:

For spending a good amount of money, one would want there day planned to the T. The day should be full of activities and not just about sitting back and relaxing i.e One should cover every possible place they can and participate in as many things as you can. Go for that wildlife tour operator that spaces out all the activities properly for each day so that you don’t get bored and there something new every day for you to experience and enjoy. A perfect itinerary will be the one which will have just the right balance between adventure and relaxation.

5. Reviews are your savior 

Doing proper research on each and every wildlife tour operator is little time taking and you might miss out on certain things, so the best way to go forward about it is to read some reviews about the tour operators. Reviews by people will give you a gist of everything they do and will give you an insight into how genuine or professional they are.

Planning a wildlife trip maybe a little difficult and time taking but with all these pointers in your mind, you will surely be able to choose just the right wildlife tour operator for you who will plan everything perfectly for you. Wildlife viewing in India is one-of-a-kind of experience and you will surely want to experience it.

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