An Introduction To White Hat Hack & Why You Should Consider It

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People used to be afraid of burglars breaking into their homes and stealing their valuables. Even though home security has taken extensive leaps in its effectiveness, this same fear is alive and well in the age of the internet.

One of the biggest threats that people face in today’s age is that of malware and cybercrime. This threat has become widespread and rampant due to the many tactics cybercriminals use to infiltrate people’s mainframes and networks.

It’s because of the widespread threat of malware and network hacking why people and businesses have turned to cybersecurity companies and their services to protect their data, such as hacking penetration testing. If you wish to know more about this service, continue reading and we’ll touch upon the details of this service.

Who Is Most Vulnerable To Cybercrime?

In reality, everyone is vulnerable to cybercrime, but the average joe isn’t the target of malware and hackers. Small businesses, political buildings, and higher education institutions are those who are common victims of malware.

If you’re a small business owner, you should strive to get the best possible security system because you’re at risk of losing a lot.

Everyone is fair game; it’s that serious. The White House has even become a victim of this crime, which brought this threat to everyone’s eye, showing that it can happen to anyone.

Due to the vulnerabilities in people’s security systems why they should be up-to-date with cybersecurity and have the latest anti-malware system that can detect any threats of malware before it does any actual damage.

What Is White Hat Hacking?

White hat hacking or network pen-testing (penetration testing) is one of the most effective methods that can be used to prevent hackers and malware from infiltrating your mainframe and damaging the data you have on the mainframe.

Most cybersecurity companies have this service available in their catalog.  Upon hiring a security firm and with your permission, an expert will analyze your mainframe’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities by hacking into your network.

In doing this, you’ll see some areas where you need to improve in order to protect your data from cybercriminals. Hacking penetration testing is usually conducted whenever you and your staff least expect it. This provides the most genuine results from the expert’s diagnostic because sometimes the flaw in your security system isn’t the system itself but the people using it.

Tactics & Strategies

When it comes down to hacking penetration testing, these white hat hackers use the same or similar tactics that black hat hackers use to infiltrate your mainframe. This is why this strategy is so effective because someone with criminal knowledge is helping you repel corrupt attacks on your network.

The same mentality goes into catching serial killers or catching burglars or thieves; you need someone who thinks and acts like the criminal you’re trying to protect yourself from.

Network pen-testing can take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks, depending on how weak or advanced your security system is; this is more accurate to the amount of time that cyber criminals take to hack into networks.

Hacking penetration testing also uses the various methods and tactics that black hat hackers use to infiltrate people’s networks. White hackers basically attack you from all angles and see what you got, so to say.

Further Protection

Once you know the flaws in your cybersecurity system, you should immediately take the steps to improve your system and prepare it for whatever comes your way. It’s important to have the newest, most up-to-date security system available because it makes it much harder for hackers and corrupt software to infiltrate your mainframe.

It’s important to understand that black hat hackers will always be a step ahead of everybody else; that’s the way criminality works. Whenever black hat hackers find a new way of corrupting people’s mainframes, authorities and cybersecurity companies enhance their methods of security. Oftentimes, after the fact. This is a harsh truth that everyone needs to accept in order to be aware of the dangers that are ever-present.

The Lessons Learned

As stated above, sometimes the weak point of your security system is your staff, and with network pen-testing, you and your staff will learn how to prevent cybercriminals and malware from infiltrating your mainframe.

Another reason why you should consider the services of cybersecurity companies are their educational courses. From malware and phishing to email and smartphone security, these courses run the entire gamut of cyber-security.

You shouldn’t underestimate the usefulness of cyber awareness; being educated in this area and knowing what potential malware looks like can prevent the worst from happening to your data stored on your mainframe.

The thing about malware and other forms of cyber corruption is that they’re tailor-made to look like something you encounter on a daily basis in your email’s inbox. Here’s where the human factor comes into play; if you were to click on the link of a corrupted email or download an app that looks genuine, they’re already in.

It’s dangerous out there. Sometimes, we have the mentality that “it can’t happen to me” or “I’m not going on shady websites or illegally downloading things;” if this is your mentality then you’re taking a big risk and leaving yourself exposed to horrendous things that lie underneath your IP address.

You should always be alert when interacting with unfamiliar email addresses; if you receive an email from an unfamiliar company, call them first and make sure that they indeed sent you an email and need your information, if not delete the email or contact the police about the email.

If you have a business, you should use every option available to you. You shouldn’t just be wary of unfamiliar emails, you should have the most up-to-date security system because it can be the difference between getting hacked and keep your data and sensitive information safe from cybercriminals. By simply having knowledge of the dangers that can damage your data’s security, you’re one step closer to having complete cybersecurity.

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