`Top 3 Tips to Kept in Mind While Perform Call Center CRM Integration

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There are many companies that use a call center solution and CRM software in parallel to handle customers in a personalized manner. And why not integrate these solutions? There are many benefits of integrating a call center software and a CRM system. If you are thinking to get the call center CRM integration service to leverage multiple benefits supported by this integrated solution, you have to follow the best practices. Wondering, what are the best practices? Worry not. This article shares the top 3 tips to be kept in mind while integrating a CRM solution and call center solution:

  1. Choose the main solution

The call center CRM integration can get performed between any call center software and CRM solution. Sometimes, the service provider suggests using different solutions, but the best option is to choose the call center and CRM solutions your team is familiar with. Adding new software in the use will increase the training time and adoption period.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that the call center CRM integration will provide the flexibility of using major features of both of these solutions within a single sign on. You can choose either CRM or call center solution to access features of both of these solutions based on the need and usage.

  1. Make sure you do not lose data

If you are already using these two solutions, then you must have some data stored in these systems. In this case, CRM call center integration needs to be done carefully. The service provider has to make sure that no data gets lost. Thus, the call center CRM integration service provider needs to make a strategy of taking the backup of all data, integrate both systems and then transfer data into the integrated solution in a way that not even a single record gets lost or damaged.

  1. Arrange training sessions

Generally, this integration doesn’t make any changes in the views available to agents or executives. They see the same call center software and the same CRM solution. The only thing that gets changed is that either a call center dialer widget gets added in the CRM solution and appears during the live call or a CRM popup gets added which displays complete information about the lead and this also appears during a live call. In a nutshell, everything stays the same in terms of frontend except a few minor changes. However, there will be multiple changes behind the scene which will automate a majority of actions. Thus, it is necessary to provide thorough training to your team. The service provider who integrates the call center solution and CRM software should provide a complete walkthrough and required documentation that can be referred later. You can also record the training session so that can be referred later.

These are the top 3 major tips and best practices that you have to keep in mind while integrating your call center software and solution. It will help you and your team to take the maximum benefits of this solution.

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