How to Increase Customer Satisfaction in a Customer Care Center?

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Customer care business is growing. Companies use in-house or offshore call centers to provide on-time and satisfactory customer care services. However, often customers stay furious with the services offered by the customer care centers. This article shares the top 5 tips any customer care center can follow and should follow to increase customer satisfaction.

  1. Provide required tools to the agents

In a majority of cases, the call center agents are stressed and always under pressure. They must have access to the latest tools so they can speed up the process of customer care. An advanced call center solution is one of the must have tools in the customer care centers. This call center software should support multiple communication channels. Also, customer care centers can add CRM solutions to personalize the pitch for the customer.

  1. Provide required training to the agents

Many call centers prefer to buy the best call center solution and hire the most experienced staff. Still, you may have different work ethics; your offerings or call script can be different. By keeping everything in mind, create an effective training session for the agents. Provide required training to the call center agents on a regular basis.

  1. Assure that agents are polite and professional

Generally, the customer care centers take sessions to teach soft skills to the agents, but still, not everyone can put that in a conversation effectively. The first rule of communication in the customer care center is to be polite and professional, no matter what happens from the customer end. In any case, the agent has to be calm and composed. This is the basic thing and always taught during the training still some agents misbehave with the customer in the spur of the moment. Thus, the supervisors need to keep eyes in real time. The barge-in and live call monitoring features of the call center can be used to achieve the same.

  1. Encourage good performance with rewards

As mentioned earlier, the job of a customer care agent is very stressful. Almost every other customer is shouting for one reason or another. There is not enough time to gain the energy to take the next call still the agents have to take the next call; one after another. As one can see, it is a really tough job. To keep them motivated and encouraged, the customer care centers must give monthly or quarterly awards and rewards. This will keep them motivated and encouraged to do more.

  1. Provide one to one coaching

If some agents are not performing well in 7 out of 10 calls, then they need your support. Generic training sessions will not work. It would be better to invest some time in teaching them with one to one coaching sessions. For example, take a call with a whisper feature. Here, the supervisor can teach agents what to speak, but the customer will never get to know that there are two people on the call. Also, make him listen to his own call recordings and coach him what to do and what not.

These are the top 5 tips that can help any call center to increase customer satisfaction.

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