Most of us think of housing finance companies when we want a home loan, and it is only obvious to do so, given the knowledge that these corporations have in the home loan segment. However, these companies have grown over time and have expanded their portfolio of loan assistance also to satisfy the requirements of the non-housing section. You can get in touch with housing finance organisations for several other kinds of loans such as the purchase of commercial property or the financing of business or personal expenditures.

Let us look at the loan options in the non-housing segment offered by housing finance companies:

Top-up loans

They are designed for those who have already taken a home loan. Usually, housing loan settlements stretch over a long duration. During this period, you may require extra funds for various reasons such as marriage expenses, medical treatment, or children’s education. In such scenarios, instead of searching other sources of finance, you can quickly seek a top-up loan over your current home loan. Usually, mortgage providers allow customers to avail a top-up loan after 12 months of the final payment of the current credit and upon ownership or completion of the funded property.

Loan against property

You can meet your personal or business expenses by taking a loan against property. It means mortgaging your existing residential or commercial property. Since it is a secured loan, the processing and approval procedure is quick and simple. Additionally, the rate of interest is low as compared to a consumer or commercial loan. Normally, you are granted a credit of up to 50 per cent of the market value of the property to be mortgaged. You can use LAP loan for various purposes ranging from meeting a future marriage cost to financing business to develop plans to taking a loan to meet any medical expenses to acquiring a property or an asset which may not otherwise be eligible for a credit in its own capacity. Usually, the loan tenure is up to 15 years.

Loans for commercial properties

Housing finance companies also offer loans for acquisition, expansion, construction or development of commercial properties along with built-up properties and areas. These loans can be availed by businessmen or professionals, including engineers, lawyers, chartered accountants etc. The amount of the loan is usually 75 to 90 per cent of the market value of the property, while the term may extend to 15 years subject to the reimbursement ability of the customer, as calculated by the lender. Mortgage providers often offer customers with expert legal and technical guidance to simplify the acquisition of commercial properties.

Lease rental discounting

Typically, commercial premises fetch high rents. Owners of industrial premises also lease rental discounting service to get a loan against the rental income received. Under this service, owners can avail a loan up to 50 per cent of the market value of the property.


When you decide to take a home loan from the bank or NBFC, you enter a long-haul obligation, considering their repayment stretches up to 30 years. You not only avail tax benefits, but it also has some impact on the present and future finances. Therefore, you should aim to pay off the loan as soon as possible. You need to also carefully manage other related factors as well such as repayment tenure and monthly instalments.

If you wish to foreclose your housing loan, follow the mentioned tips –

  • Short tenure: When you take out the credit, the term plays a crucial role in closing the loan early. Always opt for term that is as short as possible as it allows you to repay the credit quickly. However, this could also mean shelling out higher EMI amount because the tenure has direct impact on your EMIs. When you use the home loan EMI calculator, one of the components is the duration. If you go for shorter tenure, the EMIs rise, and vice versa. Hence, evaluate your financial conditions and accordingly choose the mandate so that you can pay the EMIs without any hassle. The concern with longer tenure is the interest rates soar.
  • Increase EMI: Of all the loans available in the market, home loans come with lengthy tenure. It stretches up to 30 years. During this phase, the borrower’s income increases, especially for salaried professionals. If you are a salaried person or in a profession where your income could increase with time, try to raise your EMI steadily. Prepayment of your house loan through higher EMIs gets the debt off your shoulders.
  • Prepayment: Doing so time to time is a quick way to reduce the EMIs as it decreases your tenure. This also helps consumers save on the overall interest payment. Earlier, lenders had prepayment charges in place and foreclosure penalty on floating interest rates. However, according to RBI directives, NBFCs and HFCs cannot levy penalties for prepayment of the loan.
  • Balance transfer: Another viable option to close the home loan is opting for a balance transfer. Here you can move your outstanding amount to another lender for lower interest rates. Nevertheless, consider the following aspects –
  • Compare the interest rates with the current one being offered
  • The loan transfer expenses should not be higher than processing fees and other such charges
  • There should be the provision of top-up loans if the request for the same were not accepted by the existing lender
  • Must provide additional features and benefits

If you do a balance transfer in the initial years, you save substantially on the interest pay-out. In such scenarios, avoid extending the tenure of the credit. Borrowers generally pay the interest amount during the initial years of the credit. A housing loan balance transfer does not come handy if you opt for lengthy tenure again. Keep the same mandate as you did with the previous lender. You save on the interest amount pay-out.

If you under financial stress, consider extending the loan duration, as it brings down the overall EMI burden.

BillPro, Ecorepay, Bankingblocks, AuraBox – Are all the same scammers with different names

According to Information received from a reliable sources and further investigation conducted by us, Daria Allen Rippingale, the CEO of Bankingblocks, was a key figure in an alleged illegal activity, including fraud, performed by her and companies owned by her.Daria-Rippingale

Prior to her role at Bankingblocks, Ms. Rippingale was the CEO of Billpro, a company specialized in electronic clearing services. At least in one incident, the finances of a Billpro’s client, in the total amount of approx. 250,000 USD, simply disappeared after the company closed the account for unknown reasons. This occurred while Ms. Rippingale’s service as the company’s CEO.

Ms. Rippingale claimed that Billpro was not authorized to access the client’s account, and renounced responsibility claiming that other companies engaged with Billpro regarding this client were the ones hold responsible for the client’s funds.

The evidence demonstrate that those companies were de facto also owned or managed by Ms. Rippingale and her partner at Billpro Mr. Chris Shane Madden:

Thus, the company dealt with transferring the client’s funds is called Aurabox, a company based in Hong Kong and directed by two British lawyers named David Skeates and Calvin Craig. However, the facts show that the actual owner of Aurabox is Mr. Madden, and the company’s contact person and the actual manager is Ms. Rippingale.

In addition, there are strong indications suggesting that Ms. Rippingale and Mr. Madden established several off-shore shell companies, such as Ecorepay that is registered in Malta, in order to conduct this alleged fraud.Billpro scam

Furthermore, the facts determine that Ms. Rippingale’s current company, Bankingblocks, is just a new name of the suspicious company Billpro.

The findings show a definite link between BillPro, Ecorepay, Aurabox and Bankingblocks, and the employees and shareholders in those companies. In the circumstances described above, it is apparent that Ms. Rippingale has either fraudulently misapplied or is wrongfully withholding her clients’ Account Funds.

Living in Australia can be costly if not arranged appropriately. In the event that you are examining or working, one needed to set save money. Setting aside cash is fundamental since one wouldn’t like to be out of cash. One can set aside cash for the situation have a reasonable comprehension of his needs and spending plan and furthermore benefit the diverse sort of credits if there should be an occurrence of coming up short on costs.

 Payday advances are a choice if there should arise an occurrence of monetary crisis when you have to lease or buy any home; vehicle or private company. Moment security credits are verified venture item for Australian Government in which you can loan cash to the Government at a concurred financing cost for a specific measure of time and afterward Government will restore your chief sum and pay the premium. Critical money advances Perth help to fund you with doable loan costs according to evaluation so that there is no uncertainty at a later stage. It will likewise furnish you with simple portion plan which can be used to take care of advance badly arranged way. The following are a portion of the manners in which that can be decided on setting aside cash in Australia.

Record Expenses: 

On the off chance that you have a total record of your costs, you can set aside the cash all the more successfully. Records can help in applying for a payday advance which will ease monetary requirements.

Cut superfluous spending: 

At the point when you know about your costs, dispensing with the least significant is the simplest and most helpful way. By disposing of superfluous costs, you can set aside cash. Moment security advances likewise help to improve the going through of cash by going for secure monetary choices which will assist you with managing your reserve funds adequately.

Ace Public Transport: 

On the off chance that one has a low spending utilizing open vehicle can make huge reserve funds. The deterioration estimation of the vehicle is expanding consistently, and to make such an enormous venture for a low sparing individual is troublesome. Payday loans in Australia help in setting aside cash by selecting attainable choice, for example open vehicle since it will set aside cash for repaying the advance.

Cook for yourself: 

Eating from eateries is costly. In the event that you’ll cook for yourself at home, it is anything but a tremendous cost saver yet will be a sound alternative as well. You can get ready supper plans and shop week by week in like manner. Earnest payday loans help to give you a timetable to keep up your back and use it successfully when buying dinners and different staple goods.

Diminish bills: 

Bills can be decreased in the event that you search for the best arrangements around the local area on your fuel, web, or your telephone from your administrator. At the point when bills are diminished, it would be the most ideal approach to reimburse earnest money credits to Perth with likely portions.

Look for some kind of employment: 

Contemplating and cooperating is an extraordinary way, so you can gain some additional cash to keep up a rich life. Without carrying out a responsibility, one can’t set aside cash or keep up a way of life. It will be useful to keep up costs when the time has come to return back payday advance.

Utilize Rental organizations 

Utilizing a rental organization, you can loan/get to satisfy a portion of your needs. In the event that you are out of cash and need to lease a house, vehicle, or some other assistance with the assistance of simple credits and rental administrations, you can tackle this issue with accommodation. Moment bond credits can move toward rental organizations that are offering a decent money related installment plan with the goal that the advance can without much of a stretch be repaid.

Fuel Vouchers 

Markdown fuel vouchers can be earned at stores like Coles, Woolworths and Independent Grocers of Australia. Explicit fuel stations are connected to every grocery store. These general stores are connected with Shell, Caltex and Puma. It will give an office to fill more than one vehicle for each voucher, which is up to 150 liters for every voucher. It will be anything but difficult to take care of pay advances in Australia if fuel vouchers are viably used as it will set aside cash.

Unwaveringness Cards 

Unwaveringness cards are fundamentally part of faithfulness programs that are controlled by explicit general stores like Woolworths and Coles that give one point against the acquisition of 1$ and vouchers are given on additional focuses when you purchase a specific measure of items from the market.

At the point when you arrive at most extreme focuses, you can profit markdown on items like free squeeze or free hot espresso and so forth relying on the advancement at present running in the grocery store. Dire money credits Perth and payday advances would then be able to be taken care of by setting aside cash by using reliability cards.


Groupon has nearby arrangements according to your area. It can advise about arrangements identified with shopping, tickets and supper bargains and so forth. It will be anything but difficult to benefit of limits on items which can be used regularly. Cash could be spared by profiting Groupon, which will pack back payday advances in Australia and moment bond advances.

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Nowadays, selling musical instruments has become one of the most lucrative businesses in America as well as around the world. But the biggest challenge most music dealers face is to keep pace with the increasing level of competition. Well, the very first step such businesses need to take for this is to protect themselves against all possible threats. This will help them deal with financial setbacks effectively and survive the industry successfully.

Want to Safeguard Your Music Business Consider Music Dealer Insurance.jpg

Comprehensive online music dealer insurance can work as a potential tool for this purpose. It ensures that the music dealers deliver the best services while keeping their monetary interests shielded. Do you own a music store too? Then you should also be aware of the right insurance plans providing substantial coverage, which can help you take care of your investment by mitigating many unique risks. Keep reading.

What is Insurance for Music Dealers?

It is a specialized form of music insurance intended for the music store owners, which helps them, cope up with financial loss or damage in their businesses. As the owner of a music store, you just need to stock up tons of music gear for selling, renting, or repairing. When something goes wrong, the safety of these highly expensive instruments comes at stake. It may also destroy the valuable accessories and equipment that are housed inside. But with the right policy in place, you can stay worry-free even during the most unexpected situations as there is no need to shell money out of your pocket.

Why Should You Insure Your Music Business?

When you purchase a specialized insurance policy for your music business, you receive fully personalized coverage for your inventory. In fact, such policies can keep your store’s property covered at the highest levels even if the inventory keeps changing throughout the year. Thus, you are never forced into a grave financial mess. Furthermore, you can always discuss your situation with your insurance agent in detail so that he or she can assess your needs well. It will help you get an all-inclusive package, which will keep your business afloat for years to come. Hence, insurance is considered a must for every music business. It can truly offer you complete peace of mind by keeping all professional hazards away.

What are the Features of This Coverage?

While purchasing an insurance plan for your music store, make sure that you get the best deal for covering all the risks inherent to the industry. A good insurance company will exclusively cater to your business requirements by offering you quite a several custom coverage options to choose from. Following are some of the most interesting features of such insurance programs:

  • Offers comprehensive and fully personalized plans to keep businesses protected from all financial liabilities
  • Provides coverage for all store inventory including musical instruments, accessories, tools, advanced equipment
  • Provides coverage for workshop machinery too
  • Ensures complete protection of the inventory from accidental loss or damage
  • Shields all the inventory from natural disasters (flood, wind, earthquake, etc.), fire, and theft
  • Covers non-physical damage resulted from activities like the dishonesty of employees, false advertising, etc.
  • Safeguards third parties from accidents during business-related events (physical injury along with the medical costs)
  • Insures the instruments that are brought in the store for repairing or maintenance purposes
  • Protects the property from accidental damage even if it is a rented one

By investing in a music dealer insurance, you actually entitle yourself for some incredible benefits. All you need to do is pick the right insurance for your business and get your financial liabilities shared. However, it is imperative to choose a reputed and reliable insurance provider with sufficient understanding, expertise, and experience in the music industry. This will not only help you find an extensive plan for a strong monetary backup but also let you enjoy the best customer service with the highest level of professionalism.

Credit management refers to the process of granting credit and recovering the money when it is due. Every business needs to have a strategic credit management policy to avoid financial problems arising from poor credit management. (Information credit:

A reliable credit management agency can assist in turning your owed deals into paid deals. Proper credit management involves a lot more than just reminding customers and clients to pay on time.

The right kind of credit management procedure can contribute to the reduction of losses, if implemented in the right way. It improves the cash flow in a business.

Below are the advantages of proper credit management when handled by professionals.

Quick and Complete Recovery:

The team of professionals at reputed credit management agencies are specialised in accounts receivable management. They are professionals with immense industry experience. When encountering hurdles in debt recovery, the professionals can assist with their credit management strategies.

Reduced Costs:

Proper credit management assists with cost reduction. It is not necessary to hire a team for collection. Your agency can take on the entire responsibility of debt recovery, so that you and your staff can focus on your core business, which, in turn, increases the efficiency of the workplace. Therefore, outsourcing credit management is as important as outsourcing other business activities such as IT, accounting and legal works, to save time and cost.

Better Cash Flow:

With an increased recovery rate, reduced time of outstanding collections and decreased collection costs, the credit management agencies can assist with cash flow improvement. The receivables are managed effectively before they become a problem for the business. Along with credit management advice and assistance, credit policy advice, many agencies assist organisations with a cash flow management system. This, in turn, helps the businesses to maintain stable cash flow with efficient planning for business growth.  Thus, sudden cash crunches can be effectively avoided.

Focus on Your Business:

Credit management companies assist businesses with a credit management system that eliminates the requirement of chasing bad debts, which often creates uncomfortable situations. Since you are not involved in the process of collection, you are able to maintain your brand image. The tasks will be done by specialists who are trained for the purpose. It will no longer need your effort and time.

You can focus on maintaining good relations with customers who make regular payments. By giving your complete effort on the business and maintaining quality of product and service, you can work towards obtaining stable customers and stable payments.

Get Help from Collection Specialists:

Debt collection tasks are never easy. It is a fact that everyone cannot do it successfully. If you employ in-house staff for debt collection, the activity might become stressful for them, especially when they are not able to do it successfully. This might hamper the overall productivity of your organisation. Your credit management agency can help you with well-trained collection specialists, who are suitable for the task and can produce results efficiently.

Get in touch with a reliable credit management agency in Cape Town for your needs. Whether you are a small business owner, a start-up or a large organisation, your business will benefit from the services of such a company.

Do you often have to opt for payday loans as a result of managing your unexpected expenses? Or is it that, every time some unexpected expenses come up, you panic, go over your budget which, eventually results in serious long-term financial struggles?
Well then, worry no more, as here are some easy and practical ways along with payday loans online Australia that can help you handle unexpected expenses like a pro. Yes, now you can opt for a cash advance without interrupting your budget plans.
So, without any further delay, let’s hear about what these easy ways are:

1.Stop Relying On Credit Cards
Do you plan to rely on your credit cards every time your bank balance fails to cover for unexpected expenses instead of choosing fast loan cash? If yes, then know that using credit cards for that moment may seem a solution, but their high-interest rates are sure to burden you later. Instead, opt for other borrowing options offered by the various micro-financing companies and payday loans online Australia that come with far more favorable borrowing terms.

2.Save On Your Daily Shopping
Instead of taking the help of cash advance for meeting with your shopping expenses, why not save on shopping? Yes, looking for the best deals for your daily shopping can result in a lot of savings. To start with saving on your shopping, you can search for online deals which not only will be more pocket-friendly but also save your transport cost to the local shops.

3.Insure What You Couldn’t Replace or Repair
Another great way of handling unexpected expenses is by insuring anything that you can’t afford to replace or repair. Yes, insuring will require paying premiums, but for that, you can use your savings or simply opt for payday loans. However, before signing on any insurance policy, make sure to read it thoroughly, understand the terms and conditions and determine whether you can afford the insurance or not.

4.Cut Off the Luxuries
Do you opt for payday loans online Australia occasionally to maintain your luxurious lifestyle? Well, then it’s high time to manage and cut out those luxuries and keep only the essential to rebalance your budget. Remember, when trying to deal better with a sudden expense, it’s better to shelve your luxuries and avoid any expense that is unnecessary at that moment.

5.Focus On Increasing Your Savings
Though a cash advance is always there to help you manage your sudden expenses, it’s necessary to focus on saving more as well. Yes, you need to separate some funds, save them in a different hard-to-access bank account, and set restrictions on accessing those funds. It may not help you now but will function as a backup fund and help you deal with the next unexpected expense without having to opt for fast loan cash.
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Unexpected expenses can come in various ways. However, by opting for payday loans and following the directions mentioned above carefully, you can manage such expenses better. Control your regular expenses, wherever possible or choose fast loan cash to pay for the unexpected expenses and then start rebuilding your credit again to be prepared for the sudden expense.

When you think of availing yourself of any fast loan, cash advance facility or a specific loan option such as payday loans, the thought might give you shiver especially considering the high fees or the precise interest rates which you are supposed to pay on the exact loan amount. However, there is absolutely no problem if you go for these loan options. All you need to do is to act a little smart on your part before you shop for any personal loan. It’s all about making the right choices and making informed decisions.

That’s exactly what we are going to help you out with. Here, through this post we would like to enlighten you on certain aspects which will assist you in lowering the payment you make to repay the loan amount you have taken from a lender. Let’s have a look.


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1.Get some advance funds from your employer

When it comes to availing instant loans you generally tend to rush towards options with high fees. You can try some easy options as well. For example, you can perhaps put your situation in front of your employer and arrange a small fund.

2.Plan properly to manage debt

There are many who run into a debt situation because they don’t plan in a proper fashion. In the first place, you should analyse your situation and put some debt management perspectives into action.

3.Creating an emergency fund

It’s really good and would come handy when you are in the midst of some distress. Creating an emergency fund you can actually take an upper hand over your situation. You should know that the habit of creating an emergency fund is something that you should always stick to for your own good. It’s really helpful in many situations when you are desperately looking for fast loan cash.

4.Get help from personal sources, community agencies and even charities

According to CFPB, it would result in a better situation if you at times capitalize on other options such as private charities, community agencies and even churches. Resorting to these sources, you would not have to succumb to the rising rates of payday loans.

5.Less Usage of Credit Card

If you really want to get rid of debt, make sure the usage of the credit card is less. The more you use it, the more you have to pay to clear the debts. In case if you want to use it make sure that you won’t avail the cash advance on Credit Card & never withdraw money from the credit card.

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6.Make cuts to your spending

have a look into where your money is going too much & manage the needs & wants effectively. Try to take lunch & dinner at home, by doing this you can save a lot which you can use to pay your debts quickly. Plan your budget & implement it very effectively.

7. Make the Double Payments

 If you get extra cash from investment or get the bonus from the employer than you can use than extra money to pay towards your debts. This will help you to manage EMI smoothly.

8.Freelance for extra income

 If you want to come out of debts quickly than Freelance is one of the best way to earn money & pay towards your debts. You can use your earned substantial amount of cash to pay your debts.



The aforementioned tips should be good enough to help you deal with the assumed high rates of fast loan cash or the fund you receive through payday loans facilities. Make sure that you implement them well. Once you have done that, you will always be in control of your situation. So, from now on act high and mightily. Make smart choices. Stay blessed.

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Had your poor financial investment decisions made you opt for instant payday loans and now you are looking for good investment options? Well, then here are the ten best long term investment options that can put a stop to all your Search for the finest investment ideas and can prevent you from counting on payday loans in Australia for dealing with a financial crisis.

1. Term deposits
In term deposits, money is deposited and left for a certain period to earn interest over time that you can use to pay your dues of instant payday loans. The minimum amount for investing in TDs varies from bank to bank. The more money you will deposit and the longer you will leave it in the TD account the higher will get the rate of interest.

2. Savings Accounts
Savings accounts are risk-free and reliable investment options that help you earn interest for the money you deposit and keep in your savings accounts. Unlike many investment options, where withdrawing money anytime isn’t possible, in savings accounts you can withdraw money anytime, even for paying your payday loans.
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3. Fixed Income Investments
Compared to various other types of investment options, fixed deposits are less risky and come with regular payments of interest which helps in repaying amounts borrowed as a cash advance. It is mostly preferred by senior citizens and people above 60 years as FDs come with guaranteed maturity return and zero investment risks.

4. Equities
A 2017 study performed by ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) shows that shares where the most popular long-term investment choice among the Australians. Hence, even with the help of payday loans in Australia investing in equities can be a wise decision.

Purchasing shares in international or Australian companies with the help of instant payday loans and selling them when they grow in value gives you a portion of the company’s profits, of which you’re a shareholder. A 2017 ASX study also shows that men are more likely to invest in stocks which is almost 44% than women i.e. only 31% who directly invest in stocks.

5. Superannuation
Do you want to avoid a financial crisis and opting for payday loans in Australia in future when you grow old and will be out of a job? Well, then superannuation is your solution as it is for employees where regular payment is deposited in a fund as a future pension.

If you’re employed, the sooner you start investing in superannuation the better it is. Investing in superannuation at the beginning of your career when you’re only in your 20s or 30s, and capable of paying back a cash advance easily, can prove to be more beneficial than investing in it when you’re in your 50s or 60s and nearing retirement.

6. Managed Funds
In managed funds or indexed funds, an investment manager sells and buys shares and various other assets on your behalf to ensure that you enjoy great returns which can be used for paying back instant payday loans. The minimum requirement for investing in managed funds ranges from $1000 to $5000.
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7. Properties
Young people may find it difficult but, investing in properties can be a fantastic way of growing your wealth by either renting the property out or by waiting for its value to increase and then sell it. A 2011 Census Data and RP Data show that almost 7.9% of total Australians (around 1,764,924) invest in properties or own investment properties. However, it’s never suggested to invest in properties by opting for payday loans in Australia since you’ll need to manage the debts for purchasing a property for the next 30 years.

8. Commodities
Investing in commodities like gold, platinum, livestock, agricultural items, energy sources like gasoline, crude oil, etc., using instant payday loans, can be a great long term way of building wealth. However, since the value of commodities revolves around the global demand and supply trend; hence you need to research well before investing. Though there’s always cash advance to help you deal with sudden financial emergencies.

9. Cryptocurrencies
Research shows that the alternative finance market in Australia has witnessed almost 53% of growth in just 12 months to the end of 2017. Being an emerging trend for long term investment, investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple with the help payday loans can be a great financial decision if you can buy and sell them at the right time to ensure maximum profit.

10. P2P Lending
A bit similar to instant payday loans, P2P or Peer to Peer-to-Peer lending is another recently popular long-term investment option, where investing as a lender can prove to be extremely beneficial. Here, you can decide the rate of interest and the time for which you want to lend the money to a borrower. Unlike payday loans that come under a bank or company or agency name, P2P lending is funded by individuals.
Remember, long term investments are nothing like taking short-term financial decisions or a loan like a cash advance. Long term investment decisions should only be taken with proper research to ensure the expected growth of your wealth.
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