Erectile dysfunction

Is erectile dysfunction making you an underperformer even at workplace?

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It was the third time John was preparing the presentation. He was quite upset about being scolded by his senior in front of everyone. He was once an achiever in any work assigned to him. But now the things have turned sour for him and he had no clue how to deal with it. His colleague, Mathew came to his rescue and after hours of probing and consoling, finally, john spoke up.

John was dealing with the trauma of not being able to satisfy his girlfriend in bed and this is the root cause of every other problem in his life. He never understood that his loose erection is creating this chaos but after speaking with Mathew, John understood the complexities created by his erection problem.

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a form of male impotence which affects millions of men across the globe. The condition, once occurred, is not curable but the treatment options available can give you relief from the issue on a temporary basis. ED can affect any sexually active man and it certainly has the potential to create issues in his personal as well as professional life. John was experiencing how his inability to get a hard-on in bed has influenced his confidence in working in the office. He was barely able to focus on the work allocated to him. Mathew lent him a sympathetic ear and told him about a miraculous medicine – Sildenafil citrate.

How does Sildenafil citrate work?

Before we look at how the medicine works on erectile dysfunction, we must know a little bit about the erection process. This will make it easier for men like John to understand how amazing medicine is.

Erection happens when the hollow cavities of the male organ get filled with an ample amount of blood. The process starts when a man is sexually aroused. The blood vessels and nerves play an important role in carrying out the process and it is catalyzed by chemicals such as nitric oxide which keeps the blood vessels dilated to support transportation of heavy amount of blood.

In erectile dysfunction, either blood vessels or nerves get affected or in certain cases, the chemicals do not work the way they have to. Sildenafil citrate is a PDE5 inhibitor medicine which increases the amount of nitric oxide and keeps the blood vessels in relaxed mode for a longer period of time. Therefore, one tablet of Sildenafil citrate Generic Viagra is enough to keep John and other men dealing with erectile dysfunction going for about five to six hours in bed.

Matthew told John that it is absolutely alright to consume Sildenafil citrate after consulting with the health care provider. The medicine is powerful enough to keep erection blues at bay. However, any kind of health issue should be reported to the doctor before trying this medication. John finally learned that erection issue is not a taboo or shame to his manliness. In fact, it is a health disorder which has nothing to do with this manliness. And, he also learned that he can treat the condition with Sildenafil citrate effectively.

What you have learned?

Erectile dysfunction is common and can be experienced by anyone. Never hide this dysfunction because you are not alone. The treatment is possible of impotence in its early stage if your doctor identifies the initial causes. Root causes are many but oral medication is the best way to deal with this dysfunction. Medical counseling is also useful if you are suffering from situation erectile dysfunction.