New Food Items Being Introduced In Indian Railways

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Eating is the best way to pass time. Who would know it better than Indian Railways that is the fourth largest railway network in the world, which has the route length coming down to 67,368 kilometers and the track length coming down to 121,407 kilometers. Millions of people travel everyday and everyone has one thing in common- they will all feel hungry at one given point.

Since train journeys are quite long and cumbersome. The only relief some people have is to look forward to good food which is why Indian Railways works tirelessly to provide good quality hygienic food to people who want to eat good meals while travelling but also don’t want to spend thousands. 

Newest Item 

Keeping the demands of the passengers on the forefront, biryani has been added as a standard meal on trains keeping in mind its popularity and the Train food Service that can ultimately be provided every day.

No matter which train you’re on- mail or express you can order yourself a Biryani- India’s most loved dish.  In comes in three varieties- veg, egg and chicken. The veg Biryani comes to eighty rupees per person, the egg is placed at ninety rupees per person and the chicken at hundred and ten per person.  Indian Railways has also introduced something called the ‘Snack meal’ which keeps regional cuisine variety on trains. This snack meal would be cheap and it’s menu can be subject to change as decided by IRCTC.

 IRCTC works relentlessly to keep a tab on the requests and complaints sent by customers and takes quick actions. They make a note of things which can be further improved in the rail department, which is why in one of the circulars issued out by the Rail Ministry says that’s the reason there has been a price hike in the rain catering services is because of the requests that have been sent to IRCTC and is also because of the recommendation of the tariff and menu committee set up by the board.

When it comes to the Janta Meal that has been long provided by IRCTC, it’s price remains unchanged. It was 20 rupees before; it will be same for seven pooris and dry potatoes. It is being decided to keep the option of chicken curry as standard in Express and Mail trains and snackables like pakoda and samosa will still continue.

Vendors That Make Us Happy 

The most important people on train journeys are the vendors who carry chips, cake, cold drinks, and biscuits and may other eatables in a big basket. They travel the course of the train, waiting for elders and kids alike go lap up to them. Whether they are little kids or full fledged body conscious adults, everybody loses control around the vendor carrying the food basket. Calling it a goody basket would actually be fair.

Since eating is the best way to pass time and sometimes on trains it may feel like time isn’t passing at all- you must keep yourself busy with munchies and timely lunch, dinner and breakfast on trains. It’s hygenic, healthy and the quality is uncompromising.

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