Pressure Washing Decks

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A beautiful wooden deck, properly maintained, can add
largely for aesthetic values ​​and resale of a house.

Just look around, the covers are almost everywhere. Not only
houses, but uses both municipal and commercial facilities
Wooden decks and walkways wide. Because of this
Pressure washing platforms like Nubirth Pressure Washing can be a big profit center for you
business or even the entire business.

The good news is that covers need to be maintained. So beautiful
such as a wooden deck can be a real monstrosity if not
properly maintained

Why covers require maintenance

When a wooden platform absorbs water, natural resins and color.
can be washed over time

The combination of wood and water creates a food source
mold, fungus and mold that promotes its growth. Wood and
water combined with dirt and even air pollution
Contribution to the spread of mold, fungus and mold.
One thing to remember is that a wet lid with a thick
The molding is very smooth and smooth. This creates
a major problem of responsibility for “slips and falls”. Save this
in mind when talking to business decision makers
and municipal facilities.

learning curve

There is a learning curve involved when it becomes competent
Enough to clean / seal / restore wooden decks for the public. to
It is better to learn on your own deck or nearby deck
Friends and Family As you learn, make sure you do more
of one. Different tires can present different challenges.


When organizing your project or preparing your offer, make some
simple observations

Has the cover ever been sealed? Is there an old sealer there?
Need to be stripped and reapplied?

Do I have all the necessary chemicals, tools and equipment?
For this project?

Pressure Washing Decks

(we will include a sample list at the end of this article)

Is there any damaged or rotten tree that should be
I replaced?

(Now is a good time to measure).

Are there missing or loose bolts, nails or screws?

Are there shrubs or adjacent plants there should be
Am I protected?

Are there appliances, connectors, light fixtures?
or telephone sockets

Note: These must be sealed waterproof. remember
Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Covered in
Luxurious neighborhoods are likely to contain most of these
challenges make sure the circuit breakers are
available to you before you start.


OK, you deleted everything from the pile and placed it away
Enough to be out of danger. You have blocked the circuit
circuit breakers that provide electrical service to the deck area.
Connectors, accessories and connectors are waterproof.

Plants and shrubs nearby are protected with a
transparent plastic canvas.

Loose bolt seams and screws are tightened or
replaced by galvanized fasteners.

Raw or damaged wood has been replaced.

Only now are you really ready to start.

Clear the soil and waste cover

Get rid of everything with a stiff brush or leaf blower
dirt and debris from the deck surface.

What chemicals to use

Sodium hydroxide (a very caustic chemical) is very popular
with professional floor cleaners. Because this chemist does
Most of the work with very low pressure of 500-1200 PSI can be
used, which helps avoid the condition called “flush”.

Safety precautions: Always wear headgear with face shields and
cartridge type respirator when working with corrosive products or
Acidic chemicals. This is not a suggestion, it is important.

While sodium hydroxide is a very effective chemical, it will
Dark or even black cover. Therefore, PH
It should be neutralized with a mildly acidic solution.
The acids used are citric, oxalic or phosphoric.

These acid solutions act as lighter. neutralizing
The PH value of a high caustic cleanser will restore a very covered one
Close to its original color.

Add approx. 5 oz. acid to each gallon of water.

Citric acid: used in hardwood.

Oxalic Acid: Used mainly in redwoods.

Phosphoric Acid: Used when an unfinished mold has become

I very much doubt hinting at pressure when it comes
to clean covers because it is very subjective. A cover
will have harder wood than another and

other tires will have softer and harder areas in it
coverage. In this sense, only the experience can really guide you.
Usually use the least amount of pressure
It will do the job.

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