What Is The Difference Between A Resort And Hotel

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People traveling to other cities for vacations or to attend business meetings need a comfortable place to spend nights. If you want to invest in a business, this is one of the most profitable options depending on the location and other factors. So, to figure out whether you should invest in a resort or hotel, read a few articles on resort vs hotel.

In this article, we will learn the difference between hotel and resort:

Resort vs Hotel

In addition to a comfortable place to stay, a resort also offers leisure facilities and additional sports. It has a natural environment that attracts visitors. Many hotels also offer such facilities and amenities. 

Let’s see the simple definitions of hotel and resort.


In a hotel, you get sleeping accommodations. You may or may not get meals and other services in a hotel. 


A resort is also a comfortable space where you can stay during a vacation or business meeting. It also offers recreation and relaxation. In simple words, a resort is a hotel that offers more amenities and activities. Whether you are a vacationer or an investor, you need to learn about some more differences between hotel and resort

Do you want to serve people who travel alone? Are you planning to target people who travel as a couple? Whether you are interested in a resort or hotel, the location of the property is an important factor. Individuals and couples tend to stay at hotels. On the other hand, resorts offer a lot for adolescents and children. A hotel is a place where guests come to sleep. It is a place for sleeping and lodgings. 

Meals may be optional in a hotel. Hotels may or may not offer other amenities. Those who want to stay only for one night don’t need a bar, pool or recreational activities in the hotel. 

If you want to serve families, invest in a resort. A resort offers features and amenities that families on vacation want. Your resort must have pools, lounges, game rooms and so on. If you can find one, invest in a resort adjacent to a theme park. A resort includes everything in the initial payment. Resorts offer special packages that include alcohol, food and activities. 

Guests don’t need to carry their wallets. You can say that it is a generalization. Location can also be a difference. Hotels are common in urban areas. Resorts are common in rural settings. You can find resorts near forests, beaches or mountains. 

Types of Resorts  

Resorts come in different sizes and shapes. Choose a resort that offers environment-specific recreational activities. Some resorts are in the middle of the woods or mountains. Others are beside beaches. Resorts in the mountains also offer snowboard and ski activities.     

Types of Hotels 

Hotels can be 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, 4 star, or 5 star. The term “lodgings” is also used. These are places to rest your head. A hostel or motel is also an option. The shared environment makes hostels a cheaper option. However, guests don’t get the privacy they want. A motel is suitable for a motor tourist. Additionally, for those seeking alternative accommodations, an affordable condo for rent in Cebu can provide a comfortable and budget-friendly option.

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