Best CBD Tincture for Sale in the UK

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CBD, or industrial hemp to be specific, is trending here in the UK like never before. Some use it to fall asleep, some to manage chronic pains and aches, and others use it to counter many of the modern-day mental health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. Obviously, given all its medicinal and recreational properties, I couldn’t resist but try CBD myself. And to my surprise, it wasn’t long before I started experiencing its magical effects. But cannabis, or as I like to call it- the God plant, works differently for every individual. 

So, whether you smoke it, eat it, drink it or vape it, CBD can be extremely therapeutic when consumed in a safe way in limited amounts. 

One of the most common ways of taking CBD for many people is CBD tincture oil which you can simply drop underneath your tongue so as to absorb and feel its effects. And that’s what we’ll get familiar with in this post. 

What is CBD tincture oil? 

CBD tincture is an edible which you can consume directly through your mouth instead of vaping or inhaling as we do with CBD vape oils and e-liquids. Being an edible, CBD tincture has to pass through your entire digestive system before it is absorbed. But unlike other CBD edibles, CBD tincture oil is a lot more concentrated with CBD and hence purer than other CBD products. 

So as soon as you drop the CBD tincture under your tongue, some of it will be instantly absorbed via the artery under your tongue before you even swallow. As a result, CBD oil is considered to be the most effective form of CBD edibles. 

In the UK, where CBD trend is quite new, CBD tinctures are synthesized by dissolving CBD distillate (derived from hemp) in a carrier oil such as hemp oil or coconut MCT oil. So when you look for CBD tincture for sale, make sure to check whether the CBD is a “broad spectrum” or “isolate”. 

In simple words, a broad spectrum includes CBD as well as other minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and natural terpenes, whereas isolate refers to CBD solely without any other cannabinoids. A broad-spectrum CBD tincture oil tends to have stronger effects due to the entourage effect i.e., the increased effect due to the interaction and reaction between multiple cannabinoids present along with CBD which isn’t the case in isolate.

Where to buy the best CBD tincture for sale in the UK? 

CBD tincture oil is available for sale in the UK in abundance in all kinds of mouth friendly flavours. But with so many choices in the market, it may get really confusing as to which CBD tincture to buy for best CBD effects as well as taste. I know a number of CBD brands in the UK but none has impressed me more than Paso due to the flavours and strengths that they have. At present, they sell CBD oil tinctures in basic, mint, and orange flavour with up to 10% of CBD content. Plus, they’re all delicious with no underlying hemp taste making it the best CBD oil tinctures for sale in the UK.

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