How to Clean Your Swimming Pool

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Having a pool in your house is great as fewer people are lucky to have a pool. However, maintain a pool requires a lot of efforts for homeowners. As a pool becomes dirty, you need to spend time and money to clean it. People who ignore the cleaning and maintenance of the pool, they need to spend more money than regular upkeeping.

Pool owners need to take care of many things while maintaining their pool. From cleaning the water to cleaning the tiles to maintaining the pool equipment, there are many things. Let us check out how to clean your swimming pool without the help of a professional.

Clean the skimmer basket

Every pool has a skimmer basket installed on its side. A skimmer net can skim the surface of the water and catch the contaminants, leaves, and debris that enters the pool. The skimmer can clog because of the debris and leaves, if not cleaned for a long time. Pool owners should open and clean the skimmer basket using a garden hose and brush.

Hair and Lint Pot

The hair and lint pot is at the front of the pool pump. To clean it, first, you need to turn off the pump and release the pressure on the system. Open the basket and clean the leaf basket and debris catcher. Wash with a brush and garden hose before putting it back into its place.

Skim the surface of the water

Any type of debris or leaves enters the pool at the surface of the water. Skimming should be done daily by a housekeeper of the pool owner. You can use a long-handled pool skimmer net to skim the surface of your pool. Skimming the surface of water helps you to keep the water clean and clear for swimming.

Brush the sides of the pool

The gypsum and other deposits get accumulated on the sides of the pool. It is essential to clean the sides of a pool using a long-handled brush and cleaning solution. Don’t forget to brush the stairs and metal ladders. The areas will low water circulation needs more attention and cleaning.

Vacuum the pool floor

As you clean the floor of your house, it is essential to clean the bottom of your pool. Anything that your skimmer basket misses to catch sinks down to the bottom of the pool. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor of your pool. It might be challenging to do the same if you have not done it before. Therefore, it is best to take the help of a professional for the first few times.

Maintain the water chemistry

You need to maintain the chemicals in your pool to keep the water clean. It is essential to maintain the correct level of chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, pH level, calcium, Cyanuric acid, and chlorine residual.  The optimal level of chemicals should be the same as given below.

PH: It should be between 7.2 &  7.8

Alkalinity: Maintain between 80 & 120 ppm

Calcium Hardness: Keep it between 250 & 450 ppm

Combined chlorine: 0 ppm.

Saltwater pools do not require the addition of chlorine as they have a chlorinator. The chlorinator produces the required amounts of chlorine from salt. However, the pools with an astral pool chlorinator require the right amount of salt to produce chlorine.


If you frequently experience deposition of algae on the sides of your pool, you must add algaecide to the water. Also, clean the algae regularly to prevent the accumulation on the sides and bottom. However, adding algaecide will control the development of algae to a much extent.

Very dirty pool

Sometimes the pools become very dirty due to lack of maintenance or after a pool party. The water also becomes hazy and needs shock treatment. Shock treatment is the addition of chlorine in high amounts. The amount of chlorine a pool needs depend on the amount of water, the size of the pool, and the level of haziness in water.

Also, you need to check the water chemistry and alkalinity of the pool. Add the required amounts of chemicals to maintain the correct levels.

Remove the debris with a net skimmer and run the pump for 24 hours a day for a few days. Do not run the pump continuously as it can burn due to heat. Run it for three to four hours, stop it for an hour and run it again.

Final Words

These are the tips to clean a swimming pool. In addition to cleaning, it is also necessary to check the working of equipment like a pool pump, filter, skimmer basket, hair and lint pot, etc. In case any of them is not working correctly, you should replace it or call a professional for repairs. Following the above tips can help people to keep their pool sparkling clean throughout the year.

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